RIP GM Sheena Sutherland

So sorry to hear of the passing of GM Sheena Sutherland. A great friend and a great advocate of ITF Taekwondo. Will be sorely missed. RIP.

Grandmaster Sheena Sutherland


It is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to inform you that Grand Master Sutherland passed away this morning.

She has requested that we celebrate her life, that we laugh at the memories we have of her and the times spent together.

In her words “I have lived and completed everything I needed to do in this life, there should be no tears for me only celebration of life”

Even in her final days she expressed thanks to Senior Grand Master Sereff for promoting her to 9th Degree, which she described as the pinnacle of her life.

Although she was an inspiration to many she particularly was an inspiration to woman, with many push backs over the years for being a woman in Taekwon-Do she stood strong and moved forward and accomplished many things people never thought possible.

Grand Master Sutherland asked that we thank those in particular who have been close to her in the last 2 years since been promoted to 9th degree, those who stood by her with unshakable loyalty in her words “those are the people who matter most.

Having been involved in Taekwon-Do for more that 45 years, Grand Master Sutherland strived with hard work and determination to ensure General Choi’s legacy remained.

It is now our turn to continue her legacy and ensure it grows and continues in the way she wished it would. We will all have our own memories but what we can say is Grand Master Sutherland was kind, strong and determined person who we all admired.

As per Grand Master Sutherland’s last wishes, there will be NO funeral service. There will also be NO additional information released in regards to this statement.