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Important Notice

Return to Training June/ July 2021


We are now preparing for the return to training in all G.M.D.T.S. Schools.

(Ms Douglas will be in touch soon on the return of the little dragon class)

We hope everyone is looking forward to getting back to training as much as we are looking forward to getting back to teaching you.

Greenhills has returned and Sandyford will be returning this Friday the 18th

Adamstown will be returning for juniors and seniors on Monday the 5th July,

We have sent out an email to everyone regarding getting back to you own Taekwon-do school with information regarding protocols on return to training.

 If you have changed your email address or have not received an e-mail regarding this, please contact us through private message or email us and we will send you on the information

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.




Important Notice – Return to Sport June 2021



As we are now approaching the reopening of clubs, I send you the following information below.

This information may change over time under the Government public health guidelines.

From 10 May

  • Inter-county travel is permitted
  • Outdoor training for adults in pods of a maximum of 15 people
  • Outdoor contact training in pods of maximum 15 people is permitted for adults and under 18s.

From June 7th (Subject to the Public Health Situation) And clarification in relation to group training indoors for higher risk group sports as stated below.

  • Indoor facilitates such as gyms, swimming pools & sports / leisure centres can reopen for individual training.This means no sparring, step-sparring, or pad work.

A number of higher-risk activities will be considered at the end of June for later in the year including:

  • indoor hospitality (restaurants, bars, nightclubs, casinos)
  • indoor team/group sports including matches, training and exercise classes

Opt In Basis

The Return to Sport Expert Group has communicated to National Governing Bodies and Local Sports Partnerships that the return to training and competition should be on an opt-in basis, with participants taking personal responsibility to decide whether they are happy to return. It is important that athletes are not be penalised if they wish to opt-out of activity.

Participants should be encouraged to communicate any concerns to their club so that they can be addressed accordingly.

We are recommended to return to training with the ‘Pod’ System:

‘Pod’ System

  • Organized Sports training / activity / exercise can do so in multiple pods once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.
  • The use of multiple pod’s is to assist with minimizing the number of people in a group while acknowledging that some outdoor and indoor facilities have the capacity to cater for larger numbers of people in a safe manner and within public health guidelines. People participating in pod training can be from different households.
  • The number of pods in a given facility or area will depend on the overall size of space available. 
  • The space between pods will depend on the nature, duration and intensity of the session but it should be clearly evident that the pods are independent groups not interacting with one another. At a very minimum Social Distancing of 2m between pods should be implemented.
  • Depending on the frequency of activity (i.e. multiple times in a week) it may be helpful for participants to stay within the same pod.
  • A coach or instructor may oversee more than one pod and should be counted in the overall numbers.
  • The coach should not move freely between pods but rather oversee the activity of the pods.

All instructors are advised to do the “Return to Sport” course by the Irish Sport Council.




Train @ Home Video Series

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This site provides information for students and prospective students of Grand Master Douglas Tae Kwon-Do Schools. The schools are members of the Irish National Taekwon-Do Association (INTA) who are affiliated to the International Tae Kwon-Do Federation (I.T.F) and the All European Taekwon-Do Federation (A.E.T.F.).

Grand Master Val Douglas who holds an 9th Degree black belt has years (too many to mention) experience as an instructor and coach and is the former director of coaching for the National Squad.

Beginner’s classes are ongoing and all are welcome. Classes are separated into children and adults classes. Children from 8yrs of age can join the junior Taekwon-Do class while our Little Dragon Taekwon-Do classes are available for 4.5 -8 year olds.

GMDTS Classes are available in Adamstown, Greenhills and Sandyford. See the Timetable page for details.

Little Dragons

Little Dragons is a specially designed class for boys and girls aged five to eight years old. We’d love to welcome new students to our schools in Adamstown, Greenhills, and Sandyford. For more information contact Grand Master Val Douglas on 086 320 0782 or See Timetables for class times in your local school.